Use Drobo Disk Pack in DroboPro?

I’ve been using a Drobo v2 for quite some time now and want to go pro. Is it possible to use the old Disk Pack from the Drobo in the DroboPro without copying/reformatting just by popping it in? I don’t want to lose my data…

i took my diskpack from my V1 and put it into my V2

then a year later i put the same disk pack into my Pro

it all worked fine

the only word of warning - once you have put the disk pack into a pro - you CANT put it back into a drobo (i dont know i f a drobo-S would accept it - but i suspect not)

Similar question. DroboPro to DroboElite & reverse. I believe the migration is also one-way! Meaning once migrated to the DroboElite, we cannot move back to the Pro. That could be a serious problem. Pls confirm, Jennifer.