usb3 issue

hello. i have my drobo connected with usb3 to the onboard usb3 port on my motherboard. the motherboard is a gigabyte g1 sniper lga1366. the usb3 port is a “Renesas Electronics”. the drobo works fine rather impressed. issue is when i shutdown my computer the drobo is supposed to go into standby mode… once its done whatever it happens to be doing at the time. it doesn’t. Drobo stays on, lit up all the time. i only have this issue when connected by usb3. had it connected with esata and didnt have this problem (other problems lol). the usb3 connection seems to be the most stable on my system and i would prefer to use that over the esata(i have an esata card from the supported list). this is kind of annoying having the drobo sitting there running all the time. i had the same problem on my old motherboard before i upgraded. anyone else have this problem? ideas on how to fix? i have tried the option to turn on/off power management features in the usb3 config utility, it didnt work. running the latest firmware and dashboard,windows 7 64 bit

im not sure how it decides if the comptuer is running or not

some computers have an option to continue to supply power to their usb ports when they are turned off - it might be that yours is doing that and therefore drobo thinks the PC is on.

Is there any option like that in the BIOS of your computer? is so try turning that off and see if drobo goes into standby

One way to test that would be to disconnect all power to
the computer and see if Drobo will then go into standby.

If so then check the BIOS as suggested and check the
BIOS also for the latest firmware update.

Wow an actual user of the famous $500 motherboard! NICE!

The extra 3x power feed to the USB on that board might be dorking with things, as the 5v rail remains active and it’s probably too much for the DROBO to detect off. As suggested just turning off your PS after shutting down should confirm and put the DROBO to sleep after a couple seconds. Unfortunately the only thing you can do then is go through a USB3 hub that will come down to power levels more in spec, or install another USB3 card that will also. The extra power boost is special to that motherboard, probably for marketing purposes more than anything.

tried turning off the psu. it did exactly as you guys said, it went into standby mode after a few seconds. funny thing is it did the same thing on my old mobo as well. a gigabyte GA-EP45T-USB3P. maybe its a gigabyte thing lol. ill check the supported card list for a usb3 card than and try that. or do you guys have one u recommend. i bought an esata card off the list (2 port startech or something like that) and it never worked any better than the motherboard ports, plus it died after 2 weeks

finally found the setting in bios. “Erp” under power management. cuts the system to 1 watt standby. problem was the 3x usb thing. checked the manual on my other board and its the same as this. 3x usb power. thanks for the help i was kinda stuck there for awhile lol