USB2 to iSCSI?

I’m currently using my USB2 connection with Vista x64 with very good success.
Read speeds are good enough to edit HD video, but unfortunately, write speeds are disappointing at best.

Can I expect improvement with iSCSI?

Any potential pitfalls for switching interfaces?

Thanks in advance!

Well the read and write speeds are tremendousely better with ISCSI…

You will need a card with 2 network ports
And more than likely if the install is done properly Vista will take care of the configuration of internet/network on one port and the Drobopro on the other.

I have been very happy with the iSCSI on mine and I am running XP still - which is truly a shame when you are limited to 2 TB volumes.

I have also switched via each FW, iSCSI and USB2 with no issues - just making sure to shutdown then doing the swap.

Thanks for the quick reply…
I get the idea of a dedicated (quality) network adapter, but I’m not sure I need two ports. (because most mobos have a built-in gigabit port)
The last statement is really the answer I’m after.

If you read some of the other threads, you’ll find out that many (including me) are having very unpredictable performance even with iSCSI and a dedicated network card. Sustained sequential read or write performance is 30MB/s for me, sometimes even below 10MB/s.

You don’t need a two-port card, you can use one (or more) one-port cards, they’re much less expensive.