USB Problems and Drobo not mounting

My G1 Drobo worked ok until I got a new PC. I didn’t realise it at the time but the PC has major problems with the USB.
Often I boot and the USB ports don’t work so I have to reboot.
When that happens I get “USB Device not recognised” on the Drobo, the only way to get it to work again is to pull the power and reboot it.
I am having to continually reboot the Drobo almost every day now.
Is there any way I can stop the PC messing up the Drobo?
Just unplugging the USB plug doesn’t work, once its gone funny nothing but a reboot fixes it. Often it stays ON as if it was being accessed, and even unplugging the USB port will not let it go into power save.
I am getting very fed up now and would love some advice!

try finding newer drivers for the usb ports (if its built in try the intel chipset software)

buy a cheap add in card with more usb ports - maybe that will fix it (should only be 10-15)

I tried 2 different USB cards, they made matters worse.
It seems to be a resource problem on the Motherboard, adding USB ports made it worse!

If I could just stop the Drobo crashing when the USB on the PC went funny it would be bearable.

I need a new PC really, but no money.

Random video, PS/2 and USB troubles are definitely the sign of a failing motherboard or PSU.

Sadly its been like it from new! not failing.

It just doesnt seem to be able to allocate resources to all devices on the MB.
IRQ conflicts etc. I thought those days were gone with Windows 3.1 !

I never worked out what was wrong till it was too late to return.

What I want to know, is why does the Drobo crash ?

I reboot the PC, that gets USB working, but the Drobo stays dead untill I power cycle it. How on earth can the PC crash the Drobo so badly.

If it’s been that way since the beginning, check for shorts - extra standoffs that don’t match holes, too large/improper screws mounting the motherboard, etc.

Intermittent shorts can cause all sorts of mayhem.

Beyond that, if the PC’s doing weird things on the USB, it’s quite easy for it to “confuse” the USB device to the point where the device simple stop talking to protect itself.

If it’s getting weird voltages, there may be a protection circuit that is engaging that requires a cold start to reset.

Spoke to a friend who said this MB was notorious for having crappy USB.
Its nothing hardware, all fine. Its resource conflicts on the MB

Having trouble with IRQs and all that crap from the 90s.

I re-instated the DroboShare for now, but argh, now I remember why I got rid of it.
The drives NEVER spin down. Overnight even, with the Cat5 unplugged!

I am starting to HATE Drobo.

I was looking at the newer models with eSata etc, but I will probably never bother now, too much trouble for what promised to be a top class device and certainly came with the top class price.

It might be that you’re running out of ROM address space. Try disabling anything you’re not using in the BIOS configuration. Parallel ports, Floppy controller, IDE controller, additional RAID or network controllers, LAN Boot ROM, etc.

Also, if you have the option of Memory (hole) remapping, try it in Software and Hardware modes - sometimes one works better than the other.

At the very least you need to isolate which problems are because of your motherboard and which ones are truly inherent to Drobo.

DroboShare will put the drives to sleep, unless there’s something else running on the DroboShare, like a media server or something else that does stuff on the drive periodically.

Dropbear SSH stopped it sleeping the drives, as mentioned in the DroboShare forum.
I removed that and they seem to spin down now.

I tried disabling things in the bios, no luck yet. I seem to have reduced the problems but its still a lucky dip when I boot as to whether all the USB peripherals owkr.

I will just buy a new MB.

I Think my Drobo itself is fine, but the PC USB problems “crash” it in some way. Ive had no problem with it since it went back onto the DroboShare.

Ive just been really unlucky with my PC I guess. Still, at least my laptop can get to the Drobo via WiFi now.

Sorry to say, but yes, a new MB is likely the best candidate. I struggled with a particular ECS motherboard (even went to the extent of replacing it with another unit of the same) and it just plain never worked right. I gave up and moved to a different motherboard, luckily I could migrate the components, and made angry gestures at the ECS board as I sent it to e-waste.

hi i think you can get a new decent winxp machine (desktop) for £180 (bare bones)
i got mine from dell years ago and even came with a free printer.

if you are able to safely keep your pc on 24/7? do things keep working fine (once cold booted etc and working?)