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Hey devs, I am not a developer but here is an idea for an app that would be really useful:
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The idea is that my droboshare is really slow over ethernet, but I like the ability to use it as an ftp server. so, as a middle point, it would be cool to plug the droboshare’s second USB port into my computer, mount the droboshare, and then transfer files over USB and ethernet. I’m thinking a lot of people would find this really useful for faster transfers.

Thanks ~Istvan.

If I understand correctly from the previous thread you want to mount the DroboShare via usb because usb is faster than ethernet?

Yes, I did benchmarks of my backups, and the USB is around twice as fast (I have 100 bsae T router between my droboshare and computer. even so, I read that in reality, USB is faster than 1 gigabit ethernet Here)

I don’t know anything about USB and it’s protocol, but using one of these might it be possible?

Ok, I don’t have a DroboShare so in order to work out if the USB port will support the correct mode please paste the result of:

cat /proc/bus/pci/devices

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A direct USB 2.0 Drobo connection is faster than the GigE of DroboShare, but of course GigE is pure terms is faster than USB 2.0.

I look forward to seeing noidd’s conclusion.

I just tried that and there is nothing. I also tested vi and the file is empty.


Well, I need to find out what USB chipset is inside.

How about the output of dmesg?

Those cables are essentially the same as having a crossover network cable with a USB LAN adapter on both ends…

The limiting factor in the throughput from DroboShare is the DroboShare’s processor. So, even if DroboShare’s other USB port could be made to be a device and not a host, it’d still require the DroboShare to “pipe” the data from one USB port to the other.

Since it’s already been established that DroboShare’s processor isn’t fast enough to pipe the USB data from the Drobo to its Gigabit Ethernet port at full Drobo speed, even if this all worked, I don’t think you’d get any faster speed, because that data is still passing through the DroboShare, and that’s the “narrow pipe” (slowdown) in the equation.

Unless, of course, it’s really the Samba layer that is slowing down the DroboShare, and bypassing the Samba part and piping the raw USB through would be faster.

Well i’m not exactly sure how to approach finding out, but if it is the processor and there is nothing I can do about it, i guess it’s just another reason for me to go get that home media server, where the 1Gbit ethernet will actually beat the drobo’s USB.

Thanks for the help all, Istvan.