USB Passthru

Hey, so I have been trying to bring myself to use the droboshare, but I keep switching back to USB when I have to do backups etc 'cause it’s much faster (upwards of 2x as fast. I have a 100 bsae T network it’s on). But my question is this: can I plug the drobo into the droboshare, then plug the droboshare’s other USB cable into the computer as well as the ethernet cord? I run linux, and for some reason I couldn’t mount the droboshare as a shared computer on my netowork so I was using FTP, but it would be really cool to be able to use USB through the droboshare as well as access it from the network (so that I cause use it as an ftp server from outside the network too).

If this isn’t possible now, what would it take to make it possible? ~ Istvan.

The 2nd USB port on the droboshare is for a 2nd drobo to be on the droboshare. That is it’s only design and will not and cannot be changed.

I have a male->male USB cable, and there is no way to write an app that would allow me to mount the droboshare via USB, then maybe put an alias of the Drobo’s mount point into what ever the USB’s mount location is?

I suppose you could write a DroboApp.

I am not a developer, but how hard would this be?

Sorry no idea. I don’t write DroboApps. You might want to post this question in the DroboApps thread.

I recall reading somewhere that USB A-A cables are illegal according to USB spec. A few devices, for whatever reason, seem to have female A ports…

I once did some research, trying to determine whether a computer could emulate a USB mass storage device. It seems that USB devices can be either hosts or clients, but I couldn’t find anything software-wise that looked like it could be both. Seems to be a hardware thing, but I could be mistaken.


Something that should work would be a USB device-sharing switch between the Drobo and the DroboShare. You’d still have to be sure to proper eject the Drobo from the host system before switching over though.