USB in Drobo slower than DroboPro

Is this possible? I’ve been noticing speed differences when reading from the Drobo (2nd gen) vs. DroboPro.

I’ve been copying the same 1.4gb file down to the desktop of the machine and notice different speeds.

The DroboPro consistently stays around 25MB/s throughout the whole transfer.

The Drobo (2nd gen) starts out at 10MB/s , jumps up to 15MB/s and then about 50% through the file drops down to 4.5MB/s , 3MB/s and then finally sputters out to 1.8MB/s from about 65% through the finish.

I’ve tried the same cable as well as the same port on the PC. Nothing changes other than the Drobo vs DroboPro.

Any ideas?




its not the USB which is slower… it’s the drobo itself!

pro = faster than non-pro (thats part of what makes it pro!)

Really? The USB speed is different? What makes it faster? Faster CPU? More memory?

its got nothing to do with the interface!

yes - the drobopro has more memory and a faster processor - thats why its the PRO model and why it costs 3-4x the price of a normal drobo!

Ok… Well thanks for the input…

and unsurprisingly the droboelite is the fastest of the lot

i wonder if they’ll make a DroboUltimate :slight_smile:

or DroboExtended version :smiley:

well considering that drobo elite is over 3k, i dread to think the price of drobo ultimate

they really need to come out with something larger soon tho, synology are now up to supporting 15 drives for only a little more than the cost of a drobopro!

yeah thats 2 fair points indeed.

competition is healthy for conusmers… but only up until the point where “acquisitions” take place, and then some products gets squished and then we’re screwed from a support angle :frowning: