"USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned"

Drobo Support directed me here – hopefully one of you guys have an idea.

  • I just started to get the following error message: “The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.” when plugging-in my Drobo
  • The issue persists after uninstalling Drobo Dashboard, rebooting the computer, reinstalling Drobo Dashboard, and rebooting the computer again
  • The issue persists after after downloading and installing all available updates from Windows update, NVIDIA (GPU vendor), and ASUS (motherboard vendor).
  • Per prior contact with Drobo Support, eSATA is not working in Windows 8. Has that been fixed? I haven’t seen anything in the firmware changelogs.
  1. What is the light on all the Drive Bays? ALL GREEN?
  2. How many blue capacity Lights are there? Each blue capacity light indicate 10% used disk space.
  3. Is the Drobo Dashboard able to detect the Drobo S unit?

eSATA connect on Windows is a hit and miss. I suggest you connect the Drobo to your PC using the USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port.

I have replied in other thread regarding Windows USB 3.0 driver issue with Drobo…

a) Windows Updates and Motherboard vendor website most of the times do not host or push up the latest drivers…

Check in your Windows device manager…

If you are using USB 3.0 on your PC …

  1. If your USB 3.0 chipset is NEC/Renesas - make sure the driver is updated. Version 2.1.39 is a good start.
  2. If your USB 3.0 chipset is INTEL Based Series 7 or higher… - Go to INTEL website directly and download the latest driver.

You can reference these thread for more info:

I have the very same issue. It just started today, this very evening.

This very morning my Drobo S worked perfectly fine.
Then I shut down my PC after a longer period of activity (it was running at least for a week), and when I started my computer again this afternoon, the Drobo is not recognized anymore by my PC, and the same message as with the OP appeared.

I wonder if a Windows update caused these issues?

hi are you able to boot up your windows in safe mode?
if so, you could try the following:

  • to power the computer off,
  • to wait and when no activity lights on drobo, to unplug all connection cables from computer an drobo
  • and then once drobo is in standby mode to power it off.
  • then to boot up windows in safemode
  • and once fully booted, to boot up the drobo on its own
    (it should complete the startup sequence and then likely go back into standby mode)
  • to then connect it via usb cable to usb port

Does windows now see the drobo?[hr]
(edit - it could be dragonlord, nowadays there are lots of programs that try to keep the computer and drivers up to date so its harder to keep track of things)