USB connection connected then disconnecting then reconnecting

there seems to be an issue with USB connecting and disconnecting not necessarily with the drobo itself (thats hard to tell) but you can hear the USB connect sound notification and your mouse will disconnect then re connect (this issue was of course none existent before hooking the Drobo unit) and YES ALL my drivers are up to date along with windows 7-64

you will find drobo keeps blaming windows when using windows 7 64bit there are lots of people struggling with the 5d & getting it to work reliably via usb3 only thing I can suggest is checking the cable there has been some issues with some cables being faulty they will replace them free of charge if you have an offending item its in the knowledge database I think it has helped some but not all ( known fault they still wont tell anyone unless they complain after struggling with a problem they should automatic contact owners to check the cable in my opinion to avoid cable problems rather than waiting to see if the 5d wont work a typical attitude I have come to expect from drobo

thank you JL
did they remove the article?

not sure what has happened or why the link wont work its still there go to the knowledge database copy this number in the search box E209329 then you can see the article if you still cant see it pm me I will try to help you further regards