USB Attached SCSI (UAS or UASP)


Anyone know if this is supported? I have not been able to find any info.


hi twilleat,
as far as i know, the main units do not support this yet (at least the das models), but i still need to learn more about usb attached scsi…
… at the moment it seems that only some operating systems supported it natively though am not sure if a drobo would need it or how the 2 could benefit from, or compliment each other? (they might do, am just not aware myself yet) :slight_smile:


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply. UASP is supported in Win8+, Mac 10.8+, and some Linux. I’ve seen lots of comments about slow speed and it seems this could possibly help. I’ve got a 6+ year old 2TB Hitachi drive in an external case connected to a 3 year old PC running Windows 10 and can hit 110MB/s with UASP.

Here is a good article about UASP: https://blog.startech.com/post/all-you-need-to-know-about-uasp/

I also think Drobo should consider upgrading to a faster CPU that is 64-bit :slight_smile:


ah thanks for the link, i added it to my list of new stuff to learn :slight_smile: