USB 3.0 Support

The Diamond USB 3.0 card # USB30PE is a recommended card (see FAQ Diamond, PCIe, Dual-Port USB30PE).

Mine came with driver v on the CD. My platform is a Win7 Pro 64 bit.

I see on the WEB that there are newer drivers for the NEC USB 3 chip.

Maybe someone could tell me their experience, and which driver they are using on a Window platform? It appears there are NO 64 bit drivers out there, only 32.

this is interesting,
ive got winxp and using usb1/2 connection for my gen1 and gen2 drobos.

but ive also got a win7 64bit home laptop that i was planning on connecting the drobo to, and the laptop has a normal usb1/2 slot, as well as (i believe) a usb3/esata slot (it looks like a lightning bolt usb~ / estata combo slot)

if theres no 64bit driver does this mean we cant actually plug a usb gen1/2 drobo straight into win7?

Drobo mounts as USB Mass Storage Device, and that profile is pretty much “built in” to the USB controller’s driver itself.
As long as your USB controller has a driver, it will work, but if your USB 3.0 controller is operating in USB 2.0 or USB 1.x mode, you will obviously have slower transfer speed.

64-bit vs 32-bit drivers only come into play for the device that needs drivers.

So in the case of a USB controller, either the controller will work, or it won’t.
Devices that are not “standard” USB profiles (USB Mass Storage, USB Floppy drive, USB Optical drive), like scanners, printers, etc will need a 64-bit driver for 64-bit Windows.

There are some ways to get around some situations, but it’s long and convoluted… involving USB sharing and virtual 32-bit machines. :slight_smile:

thanks bhiga, i had some more questions but not really usb3 topic (though related) - will make a new post

ok finally made the post :slight_smile:

would appreciate any help there when possible :slight_smile:

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