Urgent Dashboard 2.0.3 problem

Earlier this evening my drobo informed me that a new version of dashboard, 2.0.3 was available and invited me to update automatically. I did this and now I have this monstrous black dashboard that cannot detect my drobo which is connected by droboshare.

After trying to read through some impenetrable information on the drobo site I suspect this new version does not recognise the droboshare but I was given no warning of this in the automatic update procedure.

Although my machine can still see the drobo I’m worried that something might happen that will deny me access to my backups at a critical moment.

Can anyone tell me if I’ve got this right and, if so, can I just uninstall the new version and go back to the last one?


you are correct - new dashboard does not support droboshare

and yes you can simply uninstall it and go back to your previous version, no problems[hr]
you are correct - new dashboard does not support droboshare

and yes you can simply uninstall it and go back to your previous version, no problems

Thanks for that, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and back in contact with my Drobo. It’s a shame something could not have been included in the auto update procedure to warn me of what was about to happen. Oh well.

As my droboshare is now obsolete presumably a time will come soon that my Drobo 2 will join it. Presumably that will mean that a Drobo failure will permanently part me from my data or would it be possible to put the hard drives into a new model and still read them. Do you know if this is possible?



Yes, of you look on the drobo website under migration you can just pull your disks out and stick them into certain other models

That’s a bit of a relief. I was beginning to get nervous about the whole business.


I stayed on Dashboard 1.7.3 with my Drobo v2 because, well, it worked. I like excitement in my food, not my data.
I upgraded to a Drobo S a few weeks ago. Here were the steps to migrate to the new Drobo.

  1. Open box. ooh pretty.
  2. Back up my Drobo one last time before losing all my data.
  3. Shut down the v2 from DashBoard and remove the drives.
  4. Shove the drives into the S, changing the order because they say you can and therefore I could complain when it broke.
  5. Light some incense to assist my data on its journey to the spirit world.
  6. Connect the S and power it on.
  7. Express surprise that all my data is exactly where I left it, and inexplicably still in the material plane of existence.
  8. Since the old DashBoard doesn’t see the Drobo S, reluctantly upgrade to 2.0.3.

I’ve been using the new setup for several weeks and have no complaints other than I miss the old DashBoard. Migration was as easy as they say. The Drobo S does everything my 4-bay did, just faster (and obviously with a few more features. Time to buy larger disks!)

My Drobo -> Drobopro migration went just as smoothly (but idont like incense)

I echo rdo’s feedback. I recently did a Gen 2 to S migration and it went flawlessly.

I’m a bit on the fence about the new v2.x Dashboard, but one thing I do like is that it gives you a view of what the lights should look like on the physical unit.

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rdo banned now too?

I PMed phuynh about both rdo and sherpool (don’t think either should be banned - probably just got caught by the autoban rules)

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