UPS Setup for Drobo S ?

Regarding, UPS Setup for Drobo S:


1. What have you found to be the max. time (seconds or minutes) that the Drobo S will take, after turning off the its connected to pc, for the Drobo S to go into its Standby mode (after finishing its internal housekeeping) ?

I am setting up a UPS for the Drobo S and the pc connected to it and there are 2 ups software pgms that come with the ups. One ups software pgm will start the unattended pc shutdown, but then starts a count down where the power will cut off the ups after 2 minutes from initiating the unattended pc shutdown.

2. … So is 2 minutes enough for the windows xp or windows 7 pc to complete shutdown, as well as, the Drobo S go into standby within this same 2 minute timeframe ?

P.S. The other UPS software pgm that comes with the ups will allow me to set a separate cutoff timer for cutting off the power to the UPS battery outlets, after it completes the unattended shutdown of the pc.

  1. that can be very dependant - if it was doing a rebuild it simply wont shutdown until its finished, which coudl be up to 48 hours

  2. thats weird, surely just let it shutdown the pc - then let the UPS cut off power when it runs out of power, what is the point of shutting off power from the UPS before it runs out of power?

Conclusion - I also think that this would be the best too. So, I will go with the “Business Edition” of the UPS software which gives the option of UPS suppling power until the UPS runs out of power. … It is only the “Personal Edition” of the UPS software which cuts off UPS power 2 minutes after starting the unattended windows pc shutdown, no matter how much battery time is left . (BTW, the UPS that I a referring to is the Cyberpower brand)

Question - So what happens in the situation where you have a drive failure and you replace the bad drive with a good drive and Drobo S starts its rebuilding process.
… Then, while the Rebuilding is in progress, you are unlucky enough to have an electrical power outage. Let say that the rebuilding is expected to take up to 48 hrs, but UPS can only provide 15 minutes of power.
… Will there be data corruption of the Drobo, when power resumes ?? Will the Drobo continue the Rebuild process where it left off (or re-start the rebuild process from the beginning) ??

there will almost certainly be some data corruption, probably only the file which was being rebuilt at the time - just run your OS disk check utility to ensure volume integrity afterwards

it will continue from where it was once power is restored.

I did have a power outage during a rebuild, and i couldn’t even find anything wrong with my volume - but most of my data is large media files so the glitch woudl probably fly by in milliseconds!