UPS - Drobo


i own a droboPRO and a droboFS

they are both connected thru UPS, my question is how do i shut them down when/if power goes down?

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That is a fundamental weakness of the stand-alone Drobo models. They should have the same shutdown interface that PC’s have but they don’t.

Wait I’m sorry, I read somewhere (going to try and find the link) that “in the event of interruption or loss of power - yada yada” when the computer shuts down the Drobo will shutdown. That isn’t the case? I’ve been setting up a Drobo as backup for a friend and was about to buy a UPS for the new setup.

What should I be doing to get the Drobo to safely power down?

EDIT: You’ve already posed this question before? I’m working with a DroboFS. Any suggestions?

Also here is our answer in black and white, Exclamation VOTE! - Safe Shutdown for Drobo FS, the Drobo won’t shut down until the UPS battery is fully drained. Technically they won’t shut down at all in fact, their intention is that if everything else is properly powered down then your Drobo will be cut off after the UPS’s battery is fully drained. Not cool :-/

well i have both drobos
got info on pro and that part is clear…

need some info on fs since there will be no pc conected to it

will the fs be on stand by? and how can i check?

im using drobo fs as an off site rsync backup server


[quote=“duceerik, post:4, topic:2974”]…>…
need some info on fs since there will be no pc connected to it …>…

I have a PC physically next to my Drobo FS, but the FS is, of course, attached to a network router.

I’m wondering if a script (supplied, I suppose, by APC, the mfgr of my UPS) running on the PC could gracefully shutdown the FS in the event of a power outage.

Pretty much the best solution I’ve been able to come up with is to have my UPS send me an email when it’s gone to battery mode. With push emails, I get this on my iPhone almost immediately.

Then I can SSH into the drobo from the phone and manually shut it down.

There’s a linux utility that could probably be ported over. It listens on a UDP port for a signal from a master controller and shuts down the system cleanly.

apcupsd is the program. I haven’t done any cross-compiling or porting of software to the drobo, but it seems like
this should be a fairly simple solution to implement as a DroboApp

Since it’s of use to me, I’ll start looking, but with a new baby to take care of, I won’t have a ton of cycles.

actually ended up with some time today, and have a preliminary version compiled and running.

I’ve compiled it with only the net driver, so that it will be a slave off of a master server.

We’re having some bad weather up here tonight, so I’ll see if it works or not!

Hi ak_hepcat (Alaska?)! I’m on tenterhooks wanting to hear if you’ve had a chance to test your “app”

I have to warn you that I’m only understanding maybe half of what you’re saying. Decades ago I did lightweight coding in BASIC and then dBase – nothing close to where you’re at.

I’m afraid you’ll probably have to do some “simple packaging” with “detailed instructions” if there will be any chance that a low-grade user like me will be able to install and configure what you’re creating. Maybe you’re set up to receive PayPal donations?

Shep Jim

Well, we lost power before I had things completely tested. Just got it back this morning.

It should be a simple install, just like any other DroboApp. Hopefully.

The only configuration part will be to set the IP address of your APCUPSd server.

If you don’t have apcupsd running on another linux box, this probably won’t help you.

I’ve got this packaged up. If you want to test it before I submit through DroboApps, drop me a DM and I’ll send you the URL to download it, otherwise you’ll have to wait for the queuing.

Note that this is compiled for DroboFS …

Hi ak_hepcat,

Very interested in your app. I have an APC Back UPS ES8 which says it’s compatible with this demon. Would I be able to fire the apcupsd up on the MAC? The MAC itself is on it’s own UPS and local Drobo will spin down when the MAC closes but the Drobo FS I back up to is in the garage on another APC Back UPS ES8 so it’s that one that I need a process talking to…