Upgrading to new drobo from existing drobo

I have a drobo 2nd generation at the moment and would like to upgrade to a Drobo FS. Is it possible to just slide out the hard drives from the Drobo and slide it in the Drobo FS?

Or do I have to copy the files manually to the Drobo FS? I hope not because that would mean that I have to find another 4 hard drives to put in the Drobo FS temporarily…

and you dont need to find 4 drives - two would probably be enough…

you can put two in the fs

move a lot of data

take a drive out of the v2 and put it into the fs

move more off the v2 onto the FS

when the v2 finishes rebuilding

pull another drive and put that into the FS

and continue like that

Bad news on that front.

When I did just what you’re asking I had to RESET the disc pack each time I put a new drive in, that wiped everything on the disk pack. Apparently the Drobo FS didn’t like disks fresh out of a Drobo v2.

So while I could move and wipe the first batch, then copy data over… I was stuck at that point, as I needed to wipe the FS when the next disk went in.

It wasn’t the smoothest of changeovers, nor was I overly happy with the situaton.

Rather than buy more disks, I copied the stuff from the drobo onto computers, and then back onto the Drobo.

(NB. Nothing on the drobo is my “only copy”, I use it as backup not a pure data store).

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