Upgrading to DroboPro from first generation Drobo

I have a question regarding upgrading from a 1st generation Drobo to a DroboPro after reading the migration articles. This article (http://support.datarobotics.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/274/kw/Migrating%20your%20data/r_id/100004) mentions that you can move an entire drive pack from a 1st gen Drobo into a Drobo Pro provided Drobo was at a firmware version greater than 1.0.3 when the disk pack was created. It mentions that the DroboPro will display an error if the disks are unreadable due to this. I just want to confirm that the drives will then still be readable if I plug them back into the 1st gen Drobo since I’m unsure of what firmware I was at when I formated the disk pack and moving the physical drives would be a hell lot faster than copying from one Drobo to the other. Also I would have to copy in chunks so I can remove drives from the old Drobo and put it into the Pro since I wouldn’t have enough space initially in the Pro. Anyone know? Thanks!

Not sure abt the 1st Gen Drobo cuz we’ve started w/ 2nd Gen & the DroboPro. My experience is once you put anything in the Pro followed by RETURN to format the RAID, you have reached the point of no return except going to another DroboPro or the Elite. Not downward.

Yes they will still be readable in the 1st Gen Drobo if you get that error message.

Awesome, thanks for the response. Was hoping for that.