Upgrading to Drobo FS form Drobo 2nd gen

I have a drobo 2nd generation at the moment and would like to upgrade to a Drobo FS. Is it possible to just slide out the hard drives from the Drobo and slide it in the Drobo FS?

Or do I have to copy the files manually to the Drobo FS? I hope not because that would mean that I have to find another 4 hard drives to put in the Drobo FS temporarily…

no one?

It’s been covered before, but sadly, you will have to copy everything anew. Standalone Drobo’s are essentially just a fancy controller and bulk storage, so you can somewhat migrate between them. The FS models, however, have a whole Linux OS running on them to provide the networking services. So no direct migration between a standalone and FS.

ok thanks for your reply, looks like it will be a real hell to copy eveything :wink: