Upgrading the Drobo 5n file system post 3.5.2 firmware

I’ve had my Drobo 5n for 6 years this week. Ordered a 5n2 yesterday.

My question is about upgrading my 5n. I think I can copy off all the data, then reinitialize, and I can get 64TB volume since i am firmware 4.1.4? I initially initialized with pre 3.5.2 firmware and I was stuck at 16TB, right?

thank you, Gary

Correct. The reset will result in loss of all data on your drives, so copy off and verify before you start.

Thank you. How do I know I have the new file system? As an IT boomer I like to test before and test afterwards… Reinitializing is almost as fun as getting the new 5n2.

Ha ha ha
Knock yourself out :slight_smile:

I’ll restate my question: Does anybody know how you can tell if you are utilizing the files system improvements, or just the fact that I am on a firmware higher than 3.5.2 it is assumed? Thank you.

Now I’ll need to fire up my old iomega SureStor x200d NAS (4 drives) and try to get bigger drives in it…

Thank you in advance…

If it creates a LUN > 16TB when reset, then it’s using the updated arrangements.
Most annoying that it does, rather than offering the choice, some of us who wish to enable NTFS compression, since that can’t be enabled if the LUN is > 16TB NTFS compression only works with clusters < 4096 bytes.

Note to devs: Not all of us actually WANTED 64TB volumes!