Upgrading Python 3.4.3 via pip?


I’m interested in loading Home Assistant onto my Drobo 5N2. System requirements for HA include Python 3.5.3 or later. That’s a bit of a problem since the Python3 DroboApp is only version 3.4.3. So here’s the question: what do you think will happen if I use pip to upgrade the DroboApp version of Python3? Will upgrading it brick my NAS box?


Hi Beowolf,
Have you had any luck with this…I’m looking to update Python 3 to version 3.5+ myself


No, I haven’t. I was worried about possibly turning one of my 5N2’s into a doorstop, so I looked into upgrading PHP on my old 5N. Trying to install pip didn’t succeed, and I believe it was due to the stripped down version of Linux that the 5N is running. The next step was visiting droboapps and cross-compiling, but I think I’d still be running into the same problem: an outdated version of Linux preventing me from getting to PHP 3.5.3+.

My ultimate solution was to plunk down $50 for a Raspberry Pi, and run HomeAssist on that. Works like a champ!


Thanks for the update.
Looks like I will have to setup a cross-compiler to build a 3.5+ version of Python