Upgrading from Drobo v2 to Drobo FS

I am upgrading from a Drobo v2 to a Drobo FS. I assume you cannot just take the disks from one unit and transfer them over. Has anyone had any experience with this or point me in the right direction?

You are right. You will have to copy the V2 content to somewhere else, swipe the disks when you install them in your FS, and then copy the files back to the new Drobo. There simply is no way around this.

BTW, I would be very interested in your perception of Drobo FS fan noise vs Drobo V2 noise, especially when both are idle/asleep.
According to the technical specifications, Drobo S is MUCH noisier than Drobo V2 (+11 db).
And although Drobo-FS noise is not even specified, it should be comparable to Drobo-S.