UPGRADING Drobo 4-bay FW800 & USB TO 5N

I guess the main thing I am needing to know is can I migrate my hard drives to this new Drobo 5N. I have have had my Drobo 4-bay FW800 & USB with Hard Drives for 2 years connected to a desktop computer by usb and it is not working for me. To slow to load. I have home networking in my home and want to run through my network. I bought crucial m4 128mg for accelerator for media use throughout the house. I hate to spend the extra money on new hard drives right now if I can migrate my old ones. Any ideas I have plenty of space on the hard drives. I guess I didn’t read up enough before I bought.

No you cannot


you could get away with only buying two more disks; put them in the 5N

the copy as many files as possible from the v2 to the 5N.

then remove one disk from the v2 and put it in the 5N… then copy over more files and le the v2 finish rebuilding…

then remove another disk from the v2 (once its finished rebuilding) and put in the 5N and copy more files over. etc

Keep in mind though… by migrating one disk at a time as above, each rebuild adds stress which could possibly fail a hard drive.