Upgrading drives, mixing 5400 & 7200 speeds?


Thought I would ask before I splash the cash. I have the following

Drobo V2
4 x 1tb Samsung Spinpoint 7200rpm drives
Use Drobo for storing rips of my CD’s and DVD’s only, basically an iTunes dumping ground (I rip direct to other drives, and simply copy to Drobo, so usage is far from intensive :wink: )

I am about 2Tb used now, so want to upgrade drives to 2tb’s. For the prices around at the moment, I am looking at upgrading to 4 x 2tb Samsung ECOGREEN drives, but they are 5400rpm.

Am I ok to “assume” the drop of speed is not important given my usage, i.e. low intensitiy?



Most probably there won’t be any - Drobo doesn’t utilize full speed of the 7200 drives anyway. 5400 ones are even better in Drobo because of lower noise/power consumption/temperature.

agreed, its not the intensity of your usage,its just that for both the processor drobo has and also the interface,those are the limiting factors, not the speed of the drives in drobo.

Thanks guys for the replies, I’ll get my orders in