Upgrading Drives in Drobo 5N2

I’ve been rocking the same drives in my Drobo since installation a couple years ago, and now I am looking to upgrade to higher capacity drives.

When swapping out drives, what is the best ‘process’?

Do you pull a drive, wait for the Drobo to ‘process the drive removal’ and then add the new one? Or can you pull the old and put a new one in immediately?

I just swapped a drive today. I waited for the removal to be processed, but it was seen quite quickly (within seconds). I then inserted the larger capacity drive, and am now waiting for data protection to complete (says another 23 hours still). If there is capacity available, it would be nice to be able to tell the Drobo to stop using a drive (and run data protection to the other drives), and then swap out the disk drive. In that way, I don’t run the risk of a drive failure while waiting for data protection to complete. Is that even an option with the Drobo?