Upgrading Drives for 1st Gen Drobopro

Can the 1st Gen Drobopro handle the new larger HDD’s that are on the market now, i.e. the 6TB and 8TB drives for all 8 bays giving a total of 48TB or 64TB, as I’ve run out of space in my current setup…

hi apeman,
am not sure about the 1st gen drobopro though there is some good info here which may help, also a warning about not to use the SMR 8tb drives in Nas devices:

you might need to update some firmware (and its recommended to have a backup to play safe) before using larger ones, which i think the latest update is here:

this article mentions 6TB here:

Hi Paul,

Many thanks for your reply. I am fully up-to-date on the firmware front, so all is well there.

I was thinking and was very close to buying the 8TB Seagate Archive Drive, so thank you a few pennies saved there…

I think I’ll go ahead with a couple of 6TB drives to replace the existing 2TB drives.

Thanks again

hi apeman, please let us know how things go