Upgraded drive, now Drobo is going crazy

One of the drives on my Drobo FS had a yellow light with dashboard saying to replace it with a larger drive. I replaced the 2TB Seagate drive it originally had with a 4TB WD drive. It began to flash yellow and green for a few hours, where I believe it was running its’ relayout. After, the Drobo rebooted itself and showed all drives as red. I replaced the drive with another 4TB WD drive. It recognized it, rebooted, then showed the other 4 drives as green, but telling me to replace the 4TB drive with a larger drive. I then put back the original 2TB drive, then it rebooted itself again, now showing the 2TB drive as red. The device would constantly recognize any drive in that bay as red, then reboot itself constantly. It’s now rebooted 15 times, and still going.

If I take the drive out and leave it empty, it still reboots. If I move the drives around, it follows the broken drives and makes them red on whichever bay they’re in, but still reboots. I did a test by removing all the drives to see if the device would continue rebooting and it stopped. Are all three drives just bad now? What’s causing it to fail?

hi, just a quick first note, and then i’ll reply back with some more info for you… if your disk pack drives are all currently out of the drobo, please power all OFF before you ever wish to put them back in.[hr]
at the moment, if your drobo is empty, and if dashboard can see it, and it is not rebooting, then it seems as though the main unit is ok (if it is just following the small drive as solid red), but one thing you could try doing while currently empty, would be to try putting the drobo into ReadOnly mode, which might help to stabalise the reboots, using the method mentioned here:

This way, with power all off, you could put your disks back inside,
and without any computer connection cables, to try powering up the drobo
(ideally it will boot up with the blue led sequence, ending in all lights lighting up with 1 through to 10 and then going into standby mode)
but then you could try powering up the computer, and then dashboard
and then connecting the drobo to the computer
(does the drobo fs wake up shortly after and become found in dashboard and the computer?)

what does it do now? If it is in a stable state and lets you acccess the data, then i would recommend making a backup of the data (or at least the most important data as you can) in the meantime and then we can try to see what the options are.