upgraded dashboard and firmware - now have DDService.Exe?

hi guys, i just updated the dashboard to the latest version

(plus the firmware from v1.3.5 to v1.3.7)

when the new dashboard upgrade installed, i now see this DDService.exe needing a net connection and constantly running.

can someone please explain what this is for and does?
(maybe it was always part of the previous firmware but running behind the scenes as a services.msc instead?)


IIRC, DDService was introduced to remove the need for the logged-in account having Administrator rights to use Drobo Dashboard.

The “needs more rights” stuff runs in the service, and the userspace dashboard talks to it to get stuff done.

oh ok, thank you for the info.
i’ll stop blocking it in the firewall LOL :slight_smile:

I believe the DDService is the part that sends Email alerts, as you can set different alert settings per-user, but as long as Drobo Dashboard is running in any user’s space, all the configured alerts are sent.