Upgrade question

I am upgrading from a Drobo 4 bay Gen 2 to a drobo S and will be looking to adjust to dual disk redundancy. The migration notes says that upgrading is currently not supported by moving disk packs for 1.4.0 to drobo s 2.1.1 http://www.drobo.com/products/migrations.php but that does not reference 1.4.1 or 2.1.2. My pack was built orignally on the original firmware and the drobo has been upgraded to 1.4.1. Since nothing actually says with the current firmware, is it possible to just swap the disk packs?

Also, Can I upgrade from single redundancy to dual redundancy on this disk pack if I can move them over to the S?

If I can’t, I have to order two more 3TB drives and wait forever for data transfer, something I am hoping to avoid. Thanks.


i would not expect so[hr]
i would not expect so

So I can’t migrate it, I’m also thinking of the option of simply adding the 3TB to the new drobo and start transferring data to it and once that is complete, start moving the old drives onto it at that point. The calculator says that I can have a single 3TB drive, but once I throw one of the old 1TB drives along side it, then the capacity will be reduced. Does this mean that I will lose data?

The latest firmware for the Drobo S is 2.1.2. The chart you pointed to has a check with asterisks on the Drobo Gen 2 to Drobo S migration, and the asterisk text is “Disk Packs created or updated on Drobo firmware version 1.4.0 mounted on a Mac cannot be migrated to Drobo S firmware version 2.1.1 and earlier or DroboPro firmware version 1.2.1 and earlier.” This restriction leads me to believe that going to 2.1.2 is supported. Are you on a Mac with 1.4.0?

In any case, I’d open a support ticket and get the official word.

You are correct, your disk pack cannot be moved directly into the DroboS. You’ll get ~1.5TB of useable space with only the one 3TB drive inserted and Dashboard will tell you you aren’t protected. Because of the way the Drobo works, adding a 1TB drive will decrease the useable space to ~1TB.

If the situation arises where there is more data on a disk pack than space, the data will be available but things will be slow and Dashboard will warn you that the data isn’t protected. This usually happens because of a drive failure. If this occurs, you should add/upsize a drive ASAP.