Upgrade Question

I have a drobo FS the 5 port version. i have had literly 0 issues with it and i love it. i have it full of 5 4tb hard drives. i am down to about 3.5tb free. i looked into 6 tb drives but… i would have to get 2 just to gain 2tb of space. so the questions are:

what is the difference between the B800fs and the B800i? advantages disadvantages of each?

Can i simply move my drives to either device and use them with the information that is currently on them?

Both the B800fs and B800i models can be access by the network.

The B800fs is like a Drobo FS but with 8 slots, you will be seeing your shares like how it is shown on the Drobo FS.
The B800i mounts the volume like the direct attached models (Drobo 5D/Mini/Gen 3) but you could access the volume from the network.
Hmm… maybe someone else could add on to this.

On your last question, the possible migrateable path from the Drobo FS is to the Drobo 5N and B800fs only.