Upgrade Paths?

Does Drobo offer any upgrade paths from older hardware? I have a Drobo Elite 8-bay but would like to upgrade that to the current B800fs. I cannot install any software updates to the Elite beyond Dashboard v2.5.4 because of the removal of certain software components from v2.6.0 forward. I am concerned that future OS versions will not support v2.5.4 (I am on Mac OS X 10.10.4, when 10.11 is released, I have no idea if it will support Dashboard v2.5.4 and the iSCSI software components needed to connect to the Elite.)

This should help address your question:


BTW - why was iSCSI support eliminated from the Mac software? That caused a real bit of panic with me when I saw that I would have to spend $200 to get back what was removed from the Mac software. Thankfully, I was able to get my Drobo back by finding a v2.5.4 installer disk image on the Web and re-installing v2.5.4. I saw no mention of this issue in the v2.6.9 release notes.

hi jkvisfx

Drobo Elite Disk Pack is NOT compatible to B800FS. For one is a iSCSI SAN, while the other is a NAS. You will not be able to simply migrate the existing Elite Disk Pack into a B800fs.

You will have to manually copy all the data from Elite into B800fs.

Unlike MS Windows which has built-in support of iSCSI… the MS iSCSI Initiator. Too bad that Apple OSX does not have any iSCSI Initiator built-in … therefore all iSCSI support on OSX came from 3rd party that provide MAC iSCSI Initiator … like ATTO or GlobalSAN. etc…