Upgrade from ProFS to B800fs

Morning all,

I have two ProFS and one recently stopped working. I bought a new B800fs and transferred the disk pack from the ProFS over. The transfer worked fine and I was instantly able to access all of my data.

The problem I have is when both are switched on they are disrupting each other. They both take turns appearing in the dashboard and then vanishing. When watching media saved on one it works for the first five minutes and then disconnects.

The problem only occurs when they are both on. When they are on individually they work fine, both are running the latest firmware.

Any ideas?

Was the 2 ProFS previously been setup with “DroboSync” replication? Meaning ONE ProFS as the master (Source) replicating to the other ProFS as the slave (Destination)??

Let’s for awhile assuming the above is YES and the faulty ProFS is the Master (Source).

  1. When the Master (Source) ProFS went down. If you have login to the Slave (Destination) ProFS, and turn it into a Active Host. Meaning since this Destination ProFS is replicating the Source ProFS… and now that the Source ProFS is down. You turned the “DroboSync” OFF and make the Destination ProFS as a Active unit.

  2. The above action… will then “make” the Destination ProFS becoming the active ProFS on the network. It WILL has the SAME IP address as the Source ProFS, all the Shares as well… and all user accounts. This is so because it is a replicate of the Source ProFS.

  3. Now… at a later stage… with a new B800fs. Migrating the Disk Pack of the “Source ProFS” into this B800fs and power it on on the SAME network together with the “Active” ProFS… You can imagine that now… you have ONE B800fs and ONE ProFS all having the same IP address. Basically identical in all ways… IP, network settings, user accounts and Shares.

*This is result is IP conflict…

If the above is NOT your setup… then it maybe other issue…

Thanks for the detailed reply but they were not setup with replication they are both totally autonomous.

From the description of the problem, although you have said is not a replication set-up previously.

But you may still want to check the network setting of the B800fs and ProFS individually. See if they are setup using the “same” IP for some unknown reason… DHCP or STATIC IP. And are BOTH units (B800fs and ProFS…have the same name?) etc…

It still looks like a network setting conflict happening somewhere if BOTH units are turned ON the same time.

Thanks, will give that a look later today, maybe it is an auto / static IP conflict issue.