"Upgrade" from drobo FS to drobo B800FS

I intend to change from drobo FS to drobo B800FS. The migration should work without problems, but I have a question about the maximum capacity: The maximum storage capacity of FS is 16 TB, of B800FS is 32 TB, but the maximum volume size is 16 TB in both systems. I have to migrate 5 x 4 TB, so I am near to the max volume size. If I expand the B800FS with some more drives, can I use their capacity only in a second volume? Is it possible to establish a second volume to use up to 32 TB? Thanks for a quick explanation.

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Additional, my problem is: I actually have a drobe fs with 5 times 4 TB (= approx. 14 TB net). There is no free slot for expansion. If I change to B800FS, there would be 3 free slots, when I migrate my 5 HDDs. This upgrade for me makes only sense, if I can expand the overall capacity to more than 16 TB, if possible 32 TB (doesn’t matter in how much virtual volumes/shares - 1, 2 or more). So I need to know, whether and how I can use the full capacity of 32 TB. Maybe somebody knows that and can help me … Thanks in advance.