Upgrade 5N Firmware support 64TB


From what I have read on your website, in order to support 64TB you have to upgrade the firmware to 3.5.2 and wipe out your drives and start from scratch? Does this mean that no more firmware updates will be available to the 5N until we have done this firmware update by starting from scratch?

If this is the case, and I am new to having a drobo and have just setup my 5N, I would prefer now to start from scratch, move my stuff off, wipe my 5n and update the firmware and then recopy and setup my drobo again so that mine will support 64TB in the future when I need it.

I currently only have 2 x 4TB drives, but I do plan on increasing the sizes etc… , but would prefer doing this change now versus having more data on it later and having to do this lengthy process then.


The firmware upgrade does not require you to reset your drobo, you can keep it at the original 16TB size.

If you want the 64TB volume size, you will need to copy your files off Drobo, reset your 5N, then copy your files back in. If you’re just starting out then this is the perfect time to do this.

Where do I get the 3.5.7 firmware upgrade to do this? I don’t have the drives capable of going up to 64TB right now, but may in the future and don’t want to have to do this then. Rather do it now. But, I have noticed on some reports on Drobo.com that 3.5.0 supported 64TB, well I just wiped a drobo that I just received a month ago. How do I know if my drobo will currently support 64TB?

The minimum firmware version supporting 64TB volume size is 3.5.2, the latest firmware is 3.5.11 available here…

You can check reported volume size in mounted network drive properties.

So you are saying that I need 3.5.2 firmware on my Drobo 5N to support 64TB. Where do I download this? You only mentioned where to download 3.5.11 which I already have.

I said MINIMUM version 3.5.2 …you already have a version higher than that. You don’t need to download anything else.

(hi, as dragon mentions, just to clarify i believe last number .11 is higher / newer then .2)

How is 3.5.11 higher than 3.5.2?

Edit - got it. It’s not…but rather 3.5.eleven!

Ah, makes sense. :slight_smile: Thanks.

I did the upgrade to the latest firmware and a reset of the Drobo. Is there a way to confirm that the 64TB support is on? Just want to make sure before I get into the 5GB HDD game :slight_smile:

hi titan,
if you have also used dashboard to shutdown the drobo and then reboot the computer and drobo at least 1 time, does dashboard still show you that your drobo is using that new firmware? for example as mentioned here:

if yes, then i think if you have a look on your computer, what does the existing drobo volume show you (such as in windows explorer) as the total size and the free space?

if that is about 64tb then it seems likely, though the dashboard should also show you the size of the volume as well

It still shows the latest firmware and I rebooted the Drobo and Windows. How can I see the volume size in Windows Explorer?

ah do you have a volume created, and a drive letter on your computer for it?
if so, then you can just go to mycomputer and it should show you.
(you might need to rightclick on it and to select a properties, to bring up a fuller window with the details though)

but if your drobo is empty and without any drives, then i dont think you will have a volume yet… but if that is the case, then you might as well add in an empty drive (or drive without any info you need) :slight_smile:
once it finds the drive, its probably worth adding in a 2nd one too, even for now)

I do not have the Drobo 5N mapped as a drive. I powered up a Mac and Finder shows 68TB as the volume size (which I assume are the “real” 64TB). Guess it worked out. Nice.

ah ok cool :slight_smile: