Updating to php 7.4 for Wordpress on a Drobo 5N

Installed Wordpress and I need to update the php version from 7.3 to 7.4 so I tried running linux commands like apt get but does not work. Any ideas how to upgrade php? thx…

Hello there!

Unfortunately, the only way to ‘officially’ install apps to Drobo is via the Dashboard. PHP is not available as a standalone DroboApp, so you’re unfortunately stuck with the version that ships with Drobo’s version of Wordpress.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can compile a newer version of PHP yourself. I’ve done it for a few apps myself.

You can follow the instructions from this page (though some bits no longer worked last time I tried and I needed to find some workarounds):

You can find some information on how a previously very active DroboApp developer compiled an older version of PHP here:

If you need some help, I might be able to provide some, though I have done much DroboApp compiling in some time.



Thanks Dom. But probably not going to compile php outside of Wordpress, I rather use the .org version on a computer or raspberry pi.

I understand. To be honest, the Drobo 5N/5N2 are so underpowered by today’s standards that there is very little point in running apps directly on the NAS itself. The only thing I run directly is a torrent client because it’s easier to store all my content directly on Drobo.
A RasPi would do the trick, for sure.
For my Wordpress site, I just put it on a low spec VPS.

Good luck!


Agreed, got to admit, DROBO 5N/N2 is less performant than other NAS in the apps area. Thanks again, Dom.