updated to drobo dashboard 1.7.3 and now it displayed "ready for connection"

updated to 1.7.3, and now the dashboard couldnt find my 2nd gen drobo connected to droboshare.
I could acess the Drobo fine from the ip address, just that the dashboard unable to find my drobo…

i tried installing the dashboard on my mac and windows box, but both of them could not find the drobo… although all machine on the network are able to access the drobo fine…

I downgraded to 1.6.8, but it still the same…
pls help?

edit: i have already tried to restart both the drobo and share, and even took out all the drives to clean and attach 'em back, but still… dashboard couldnt find the drobo

have you tried connecting the drobo directly to the machine via usb?

nope, cause I can access the drobo via droboshare without any issues, connecting via usb dosen’t fix anything right? I need it to work via droboshare :frowning:

oh sorry, i mis-read i thought you couldn’t access it at all

so drobo and droboshare work ok - and you can access all your data fine

the only issue is that drobo dashboard doesnt see it? correct?

do you have a firewall? try turning that off temporarily and see if it can detect it?

Nope, don’t have a wirewall, the Drobo is connected to a 10/100 switch with a static IP, my desktop and my macbook also connected to the swtich. Both of them could not detect the Drobo, where with the previous version, my desktop could see the Drobo fine.
I ran 1.6.8 the whole night, but it still couldn’t detect the Drobo… Should I try an even older version?

If you haven’t already, standby your Drobo+DroboShare, shut down your computer, then disconnect the Drobo+DroboShare power. Wait 1 minutes, then reconnect power on Drobo+DroboShare, and turn your computer back on.

Sometimes firmware updates require a full power cycle - a reboot isn’t enough.

I updated the dashboard, not the firmware.
and yes I have done a FULL power cycle… twice actually.

Ack sorry, misread… Thought you upgraded firmware…

See if Dashboard sees it via USB connection. If it doesn’t, then you can rule the DroboShare out of the problem.

Yes, the drobo Dashboard sees it fine via USB.

Okay… So either there’s a network issue preventing Drobo Dashboard from seeing the DroboShare, or there’s a DroboShare issue preventing it from being seen.

Since you can see the files on the DroboShare, at least it’s mostly working. Either the Dashboard port is being blocked or remapped, whatever DroboShare process that communicates with Dashboard is broken, or Dashboard 1.7.3 has an issue with DroboShare.

Sorry, the suspected problems haven’t really reduced, huh?

Since you have it connected via USB, please run repair disk on your drobo from disk utility.

But I can access it fine via droboshare, is there a need for this? :([hr]

Yeah, that is what i originally suspect too, but the Droboshare is connected to a switch, and so is my mac and windows box… both of the computer has no software firewall installed.

Run Disk Utility via USB connection regardless. At the least, it’ll eliminate some kind of filesystem issue preventing the dashboard communications from DroboShare’s end.

Usually the DroboShare is more sensitive to data corruption.

And you should be running repair disk at least once a month as regular maintenance to insure the integrity of your data.

i see, the drobo is about two years old and i never ran the repairdisk.
will my data be fine?

it probably will be, but still run repair disk to make sure :smiley:

ok, will do it when im about to sleep

let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

managed to get it working, I installed an even older version, 1.5.5, it turns out that the subnet mask is wrong, where it supposed to be
now 1.73 can see the drobo fine.
but now, it kept auto mapping the drobo on my windows box, how do i get it to stop that? I don’t want the drobo to be mapped.

Delete the mapped drive with NET USE letter: /DELETE