Updated recommended mSATA list?

Is there a refreshed list of the recommended mSATA modules for 5N2? I only found the 3 year old post, which I think is kind of ridiculous.

I’ve never seen an updated list.

Thanks for the quick response.

I’m starting to get the vibe that I’ve gone down the wrong NAS solution way.

Agreed! Unless something drastically changes with Drobo’s customer service, and response to updating bugs that prevent usage of their products I’ll be switching to something else, like Synology.

Hopefully my experience with using three different mSATAs with two different Drobos will help you find the answer you’re looking for. I’m currently using an ORICO mSATA 1TB SATA III 3D NAND TLC Internal SSD in my Drobo 5D3 and have had no issues whatsoever. In my Drobo 5D, I’m using a Samsung 250GB 860 EVO SATA III V-NAND M.SATA Internal SSD with no issues whatsoever.

At the very least, I would stay away from Sandforce based drives (as it states in the article).

Thanks so much for your input! Everyone just tells you the tech specs and how great it is, but not how it actually is to live with one of them. Kinda like giving relationship advice :smiley: The reviews are purely theoretical, because if all the things worked as advertised, that would be amazing! I will definitely take your advice and try one of the modules you recommended.

Even though you can mix drives in Drobo and not other brands like Synology (which I was initially considering), I still keep putting in identical drives, just in case I get fed up with Drobo and decide to switch, that way I don’t have to invest in new drives.

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No worries! In my experience and from what I’ve read, using identical drives improves performance. Most importantly, using drives of the same disk rotational speed (5400RPM, vs. 7200RPM). The less work for the RAID controller in your Drobo, the better. I don’t have sources to support this, but I suspect that even having differing individual drive firmware and cache buffer sizes could affect performance. That said, it’s probably negligible.

That is probably very true.