Updated new firmware, stuck with all lights on, should I reboot?

I updated to the new firmware for the drobo fs using the ctrl click method. Anyways its been around 30 minutes now and the device lights are all stuck, The drive lights are all yellow and the space indicator is all the way full. I never updated with a large amount of data in the device before so I was wondering if its taking so long because of the data or is it stuck?

Please open a support ticket.

Restarted it, seems to have fixed the problem.

My droboFS has done the ‘reboot hang with lights’ numerous times. Seems that anytime an upgrade asks to reboot the system it hangs with all lights on - manual button pushing seems to correct it. Has also happened on normal I just want to reboot they system times also.

I keep the unit in the basement and it would be really nice to be able to “remotely” reboot a system without having to go lay hands upon it.

I will try and submit a case.

My power brick died when we experienced a blackout, after 8 days I finally got a replacement. Plugged in the new one and powered it on, everything seemed fine, then Drobo Dashboard prompted me to update the firmware.

Same as you, it hung during the reboot, with all the lights stuck on (drive bays all solid yellow). I left it overnight with no change. It is now early afternoon on a Saturday here, so rather than wait for a further two days before I had my ticket responded to, I decided to flick the power switch.

Thankfully, this solved the problem, my Drobo rebooted successfully and I can access the shares, no data loss.

Updated my open ticket with DRI - right before updating ticket I did a reboot on my DroboFS and it hung with all lights on. Added diagnostics reports to the open ticket and will update whenever something is figured out. Seem to be able to reproduce at will.