Updated Gen 3 to firmware 4.1.4, now it doesn't boot

Gen 3 (DDR3-A) has yellow LEDs on the Hard Drive Bays, a Yellow Power LED, and the LED on the rocker power switch on the back is blinking green. All after a firmware update to 4.1.4.

After updating the Drobo Dashboard to 3.5.0 (113780), I got a notice that there was an available firmware update to 4.1.4. Now, the Drobo boots up, but appears to hang, with the power LED and Drive Bay LEDs showing solid yellow.

Is there anyway to recover this Drobo to operate, or is it dead? If I try to boot with no hard drives in, it stops at the same place, and the Drobo is not visible in the dashboard.

This Drobo is connected to a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine, and was fully operational before the firmware update. Is there anyway to downgrade to 3.5, since I can’t see the drobo in the Dashboard?