Update your SIGnature with useful info to improve threads

Hi guys, ive seen lots of great threads and questions and answers here…

but usually there are several posts before we find out what platform base people are on :slight_smile:


All users to UPDATE their sig with info about their:
O/S (win/mac) and summary of drobos

i think it will help :slight_smile:

Hee hee. Yeah, plenty of people forget to mention platform when they ask for help.

PCs running: WinXP, Win7, MacOS 10.5, MacOS 10.4, and OpenBSD 4.8
workstations running: Solaris 10, IRIX, and Digital UNIX
1 Drobo v2 with mix of WD RE and Seagate Barracuda 7200.10

cool :slight_smile:

It does help as sometimes we all forget to say what system we are running and connected to what? Very Good Point.

cool :slight_smile:

just bumping this thread as there have been a lot more users lately in the last 3 months (which is nice) :slight_smile:

Good idea![hr]
Good idea!

How do you get the horizontal line separating the .sig from the post? Is it just spaces with underlining or is there a trick?

Update: Never mind, it looks like it “just does it”…

theres no trick - if you add another reply within a set time, it appends it below your existing one :slight_smile:

just bringing this one into 2012 for the latest batch of new recruits for overall help

(@diamond) :smiley: true

I’m going to bump this and add… please don’t make the sig extremely long. There are some folks whose sig is longer than most of their posts.

I admit, I’m guilty of that one… Trying to shorten it. Maybe Drobo will make my statement a KB article, then I can just link it. :slight_smile: