update msata firmware with drobo?

Can you update msata firmware via drobo?

I’m buying a brand new 5D so hoping if it’s the first thing I do, it will work…



Thanks, I found an msata to usb converter on ebay :slight_smile:

Excellent :wink:

You can update via USB ? A couple have tried and it has not worked as what i have been told the flashing utility has to talk to the MSATA Directly and not thru a secondary host adapter. Give us an update if it does work with the model number and manufacturer of that USB Adapter please.

Never knew you couldn’t update via USB. I might have to rethink this. Where did you see the flashing can’t be done directly?

Its the other way around It has to be direct not via a usb bridge the firmware has to communicate directly to the msata drive. If you have luck allot of us would love to know the model and manufacturer is of the bridge that worked. Its the same thing as usng the drobo as the bridge via usb to access the msata it just does not see or communicate properly.[hr]

And here is the official instructions from the manufacturer :

Ensure that your drive is plugged into one of first 4 ports on the SATA bus. These are normally labeled 0–3. Some motherboards do not support hot-plugging of SATA devices, so it is recommended that power be shut off to the system before changing ports.

As masc says, the USB-SATA bridge is doing some translation, and because it’s doing translation, the required commands to do the firmware update usually are not passed through.

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