Update for the 8N series?


So I have a 5D3 and it has worked flawlessly, even though I only have it hooked up as USB 2.0. I’m planning on doing a complete overhaul of what I have and my next computer will be able to take advantage of the Thunderbolt 3 speeds.

With that said, I’m looking to grab a B810n to serve as a backup for several devices, but I’d rather make sure it’s a sound purchase then spending that kind of money for it to be updated relatively soon. I see the 8D was released this past fall and it had some updates that could make it into the next iteration of the B810n (i.e. separate SSD accelerator, larger volume size). I’ve read the release cycles can be quite long on these products, so I’m caught on the fence whether I should grab it or hold out. If it’s going to be years then I’ll just go ahead, but if it’s sometime this year I could hold out. I know it’s hard to forecast new products, but does anyone have an idea? Is buying a 810n at this point a smart move?

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