Update Firmware Failure


I have a Drobo Gen2 (Yes, I know it is old but it has been working fine). I have been using it connected via USB to a last generation Apple Time Capsule Wi Fi 5 router. I recently bought a new Wi Fi router to take advantage of the updated speeds of Wi Fi 6. However I’m having trouble with the Drobo mounting on any computer I have.

The current firmware is 1.4.2 [1.254.50341].

When I plug the USB into my 2021 M1 Mac mini the device never mounts and Drobo dashboard does not see the device. When I plug the device into my Windows 10 computer it does not mount, but Drobo Dashboard does see the device.

So… I thought I needed to update the firmware. Clicking the “check for updates” button in the Dashboard fails. So I downloaded the zip file for the 4.2.3 firmware, as described on the Drobo website, and tried to use the manual method. This also fails at about 90%.

Any help and suggestions will be appreciated. I don’t want to just trash the device, since it still works. Sort of.

best regards,

Sort of an “out of the box” thought. Can you reinstate your original router with your Gen2 connected and check if you still have connectivity to your Mac? If so, then link the old router to your new router as a node.

That’s an interesting idea. I could do that but I’m not sure it is something I would want to keep up for a long time. I want to move away from using the Apple Time Capsule.