Update 3.5.2 didn’t fix Thunderbolt issue - any thoughts?

I have a Mac Mini with Big Sur. My Drobo 5D is connected by a Thunderbolt cable with a genuine Apple Thunderbolt 1 to Thunderbolt 3 adaptor.

Like everyone else I lost access to my Drobo with the Big Sur upgrade.

I have now updated to 3.5.2. The Dashboard recognises the Drobo but Finder will not. It’s not available when I Go To Volumes

Under Disk Utility it shows as uninitialised with no option to Mount.

Dashboard reports it has the latest versions of Firmware and Dashboard

Now when I boot with the Drobo plugged in via the Thunderbolt cable, the startup hangs midway, shuts down and try’s again to restart. This is a death cycle!

NONE of these things happen when I connect via USB and everything is normal except the speed

It would seem 3.5.2 still has not resolved the issue…unless anyone has ideas for me? USB is so slow

Ideas anyone?

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My DroboPro will not mount on my MacBook Pro connected by firewire ( using apple thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 to firewire adaptors) since upgrading to Bog Sur
The Drobo is seen on the firewire bus but will not mount.
I have installed the latest Dashboard.
It will connect by USB very sloooooowly…

Please let me know if you or someone else finds a fix, because I’m in the same sinking boat. Neither my 5D or 5D3 will mount on Thunderbolt 3 and now even the USB-C connection flaked out. Currently I have my old 2012 iMac running Catalina that’s my only lifeline to my photographs and data. I can’t use either Drobo on my 2019 iMac with Big Sur. Apple blames Drobo and Drobo tells me to talk to Apple Support.

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