Unreliable Relayout Duration Estimate, After Sleep

Using Drobo Dashboard 1.7.3, when the Mac goes to sleep (which is does easily during a 4+ days relayout…), the relayout duration estimate displayed after the Mac wakes up is much higher than it should (ex: 110h instead of 79h); apparently, the estimate computation does not recognize a sleep interval and thus computes wrongly.
Stopping then restarting the Dashboard leads to different, lower (more reliable ?) estimates, but you have to wait several minutes for the estimate to update.
This is a (small) pain when you just want to check quickly how much longer the ongoing relayout will take…

its because its a very very basic sum done by dashboard.

i suspect it looks like

time now minus time when dashboard first saw drobo in re layout

divided by

percentage done now minus percentage done when dashboard first saw drobo in re layout

which gives you the time per percent done, the

multiply that by percent remaining

gives you time remaining.

what i am very very curious about, is that when your mac is in sleep, drobo continues to do the relayout correct? which means that when it wakes up, the sum above should still produce exactly the same answer.

even if you were to substitute “time dashboard has been running” rather than the actual system time, then when it wakes up dashboard wouldn’t have been awake of the passing time, but drobo would have completed a lot of relayout while it is asleep, so the estimated time remaining would be way too low, not way too high.

anyway basically i think it comes down to::

its a very simple sum, and they arent going to fix it since that would end up being complicated…

Yes, but the wake up numbers are wrong however.

You are probably correct, but the whole Drobo concept IS complicated per se, so Data Robotics should do it right, or not at all.