Unprompted ejection of 5D

Drobo in the past month has had 4 ejections without a prompt or shutdown. The first 3 ejection were due to a new firmware update. This last ejection was after the update. What could be causing this?

Bad cable
Bad port
Bad driver
Connecting through a Hub
Bad hub
BIOS bug
Compatibility issues with an OS update
Corruption in an OS update
Firmware corruption
Hardware problem internally
Using SMR hard drive(s)

Take your pick.

Also, try the following:

Try the following:

  • Disable Power Nap. This is located in System Preferences> Energy Saver > Power Nap
  • Uncheck - Put hard disk to sleep when possible
  • Move Drobo in System Preferences, Spotlight > Privacy
  • Plug directly into Wall outlet
  • Run Disk Utility > First Aid on the Drobo
  • Ensure you are using Supported drives, see: Can I really use any hard drive I want in Drobo?

Only bone I might pick with @Valorie 's response is * Run Disk Utility > First Aid on the Drobo* since no attempt was made to determine this was attached to a Mac,

I’d add as an alternative “run chkdsk /r”.

I’m really a novis here. Are you referring to a terminal prompt with “run chkdsk /r” Since I put the drodo in my spotlight privacy I have experienced no issues. However, doing a search makes that cumbersome. I have thousands of files I search that are in the drobo on an ongoing basis. Any other thoughts?