Unknown status and limited tools

Hey Guys,

I just got my 2nd Gen Drobo today but I’m having some issues getting everything to work. When I click on the tools button the only option I have is to blink the lights and it always states the status as Unknown besides the Drobo Disk Pack. I also cant’ seem to effectively upgrade to the 1.4.1 firmware. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

On the Tools, that’s normal. You need Drobo S or better to dim the lights and use Dual-Disk Redundancy.

Make sure you’re using a modern Dashboard version v1.7x or v2.x

Also, are you connected via Firewire or USB?

I’m currently connected via USB. I back reved to a earlier version of Dashboard and all the tools seem to come back on but I’d like to be able to run the latest firmware if possible.

To be honest I haven’t upgraded to v1.4.1 either, but I can confirm that v1.4.0 works on Drobo Dashboard 2.0.5, but likely you already know that. :slight_smile: