Unknown device on Windows 7?

I have Windows 7 installed on my PC (32-bit build 7227) and my Drobo was working fine when all of a sudden I was getting the “unknown usb device” when powering on my PC? After playing around and trying to update my usb driver or thinking it was maybe my usb port or the usb cable, I came to the conclusion that it was the drobo. I powered off the drobo and powered it back on and it is connecting again and everything is working. Any idea why this has happened? I will continue to monitor and hopefully this doesnt happen again but I just finally connected and started the drobo dashboard and was prompted to update the dashboard to the new version. I will continue to monitor but if anyone else has had this problem please reply to this thread.

We have an IBM ThinkPad DualCore notebook running Windows 7 Enterprise (32-bit build ???) and I remember seeing that error once or twice but that happens during a firmware and dashboard upgrade. Since our drobo units v2 have been running fine w/o any major hikups, not gonna worry too much abt it.