This package is intended for people that have used NFS before. If you don’t know how to configure NFS already, you probably don’t need it.


  • exports
    This is your basic NFS/mountd exports file. The syntax is standard. The default exports file included sets up 2 seperate shares and grants read/write access to everyone. I highly recommend that you keep the no_root_squash option if you create your own exports file. With NTFS, it’s no big deal, but with ext3 or HFS+, permissions can get easily muddled on the drobo without the no_root_squash option enabled.

  • pmap_dump/pmap_set
    Tools that came with portmap. They aren’t really necessary (or even all that useful), but I included them anyways in case anyone wants them.

  • portmap
    Although it’s possible to run NFS without portmap/RPC, it’s not well advised or easily done. This is started before unfsd for obvious reasons.

  • unfsd
    The userland NFS daemon itself.

If you’ve got multiple volumes and you run into problems getting unfsd started, try moving the unfsd directory into the DroboApps directory on the largest volume. NFS doesn’t want to start unless you’ve already got something mounted to the directories specified in exports, and if it starts before all volumes are mounted, it may error out. I haven’t had this problem yet, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Author: freebsdgirl