Unexpected rebuild - which drive caused it?

So today my Gen 1 did something odd. I had replaced a 1.5TB drive with a 2TB drive a few days ago, and it finished rebuilding yesterday. I let it sit for a while, then started to copy 600G of ripped DVDs onto it from another external USB drive.

During this process, it started another rebuild, which completed just now. All I can assume is that I have a drive that flipped out and disappeared for a while, and then came back. I have NO WAY of finding out which drive that was so I can pro-actively replace it, so now I have to just wait for it to fail permanently. This is not acceptable, the Drobo knows which drive did this, so it should give me a way to see which one is “suspect” and that I should keep an eye on.

[By the way, I now have four 2TB drives in it, and about 550G free, which triggered it to set a yellow light on one of the drives with a “replace the indicated drive with one of higher capacity” message. If only that were possible on a Gen 1. It’s not even possible on the Gen 2 I have sat in a box waiting patiently for the promised firmware update…]

aside from sending DRI your logs and getting them to tell you?

And they’ll do that even on hardware which is unsupported and not under DroboCare?

they did on mine

i think they kind of have to since they encrypted it[hr]
you dont know unless you try?

I’ll give it a try and post back here with my results…

cool, will be interesting :slight_smile:

it’d probably take them longer to tell you to go away than it would to just tell you which drive caused it!

So I got a reply, they told me which drive caused the issue and asked me to look at the revision of the power supply brick now that I have four 2TB drives in there. I’ll do that when I get home and see what happens from there…

They still love you Spiney… :slight_smile:

…apparently enough to send me the updated power supply brick! My faith in Drobo is slowly being restored!

Great news! Hope it solves the issue. Funny how much variance there is in power consumption between drives. I know there are reasons, but it’s definitely easy to overlook. I have some USB-SATA and USB-PATA adapters that came with power bricks. Some only supply 1A on the 5V and 12V lines while the newer ones supply 1.5A

Glad it all seems to be getting fixed spiney (and that even without drobocare and out of warranty they are happy to help!)

Very impressive!