Unexpected error copying a file 80070490


So here is my issue…

I have 2 Drobo 5N’s.
Both show they are functioning perfectly… Green lights all the way.
I’m using a Windows 7 PC…

I often make backups of my data from my Drobo devices to USB external hard drives for safe keeping…you never know right??

Just recently I am not being allowed to copy some of the picture files I have in some folders…others copy just fine but there are a few that will not copy at all. I get the error message “Unexpected error copying file…80070490”. Last September I did a backup and all the files copied then so not sure what has changed since then.

Now…here’s the strange part.

If I copy the files/folders from my USB drive (backup drive) back to the Drobo 5N (either of them) they copy just fine onto the Drobo 5N. If I then try to copy those files from the Drobo 5N to anywhere the error appears.

All files (mainly picture files) that will not copy from the Drobo 5N to anywhere I want get affected the same way. I can not simply overwrite them and use my good copy because they will not copy later again.

Now…I can access, view, even edit the file and they work fine. I can see the image perfectly. I can edit it and it saves fine on the Drobo.

IF I make a change to the picture file…and save the changes it then allows me to copy it to anywhere I like.


Why only some files and not all of them?
Why only picture files?

Is there a way to change all the files at once to allow them to be copied anywhere without having to manually edit and save each one?