Undeleteable folders


I have some folders I cannot delete.
Tried in Windows Explorer, and using SSH onto the Droboshare, and rm -rf folder - says folder not empty.

Thinking something has a lock on it, but have powered it down and back up again and still no luck.

I’m using it via the Droboshare, should I try USB or FW if I can find the cable :slight_smile:

Any other suggestions?

Losing my data is not an option.


im not sure why you think losing your data may be an option?

but yes, if you can connect directly you should be able to delete them,or at least take control of them and then delete them :0

No, still can’t, either from OSX or Windows.

Windows seems to think some of the child dirs are corrupt since won’t let me into them in explorer.
Any other ideas?

Does chkdsk kill Drobos?[hr]
Ahh, seems that chkdsk has worked for others… trying now :slight_smile:

Well, chkdsk won’t complete… hangs at 74% when trying to correct an error :frowning:

I’m not relishing trying to get all my data off and reformatting…

Westy… i had similar issues last week, and had to bite the bullet and pull my data off, and reformat to where checkdisk would complete without errors. Turned out my USB connection originally used was loose, causing the initial corruption.

Are you sure that CHKDSK is truly stopped/stuck and not just taking a while?
It can pause for a long time depending on the issue it’s encountering.

Also, what chkdsk options did you run it with?

Ran with chkdsk /f and tried /I /f too.
Left it a while.

This was over FireWire. Have to find long USB cable… Normally use via droboshare.
Have mved the problem dirs so not a major problem ATM.

Getting all data off willbe a pain, have to sort some storage I guess…

Firewire can be tempermental in Windows (especially if you’ve daisy-chained 16 drives like I have)…
If you have a laptop, USB-connect to it for a Chkdsk off USB, just to make sure.

BTW, what filesystem is your Drobo formatted as?

Formatted as NTFS 16TB.

Will try and dig out that USB cable…

Same issue occurred here…

I unplugged my Drobo from the droboshare and hooked it up directly to my computer via USB

chkdsk /f fixed the issue and I was able to remove the directory.